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Arrival of Pocophone f1 to the smartphone market

pocophone by xiaomi



Pocophone released their most innovative and successful product, Pocophone F1 in 2018 as the fresh new brand. Pocophone is a subsidiary of Xiaomi. The budget went up this arrival and F1 became more popular than other Xiaomi’s major releases. One reason for this is its spec-to-price ratio.

Pocophone F1 is a competitive product in 2019 with other smartphones as it’s having 6-8 GB of RAM and 64-256 GB of storage. When talking about the F1’s 3D gaming performance nothing to say it’s awesome. That was a major key area of selling which was focused by the developers. F1 meets the standard size of the battery 4,000mAh and it has fulfilled a good battery life. Android 9.0 Pie based MIUI 10 OS was introduced for this and it is being well maintained by Xiaomi. Software updates are received generally twice a month and according to the Jai Mani (Pocopone’s head of product ) they stated in October 2018 that F1 will get at least Android Q.

F1 is having two cameras on rear panel and one camera on the front. The Primary camera is 12-megapixel and secondary one is 5-megapixel. So, images that the F1 captures are better like other top smartphones. Dynamic range and color accuracy have significantly improved in the meantime. 60fps video recording was included in a Beta version of MiUI and 960fps slow-motion video recording was included in recent software updates. However, Portrait mode hasn’t been improved much.

A headphone port, microSD expansion, ultrafast capacitive fingerprint scanner and fast face unlock are some best key features of F1 with the consumer’s demand for these options. Poco F1 has an IPS panel display which made up of LCD based technology. IPS panel has few issues like luminosity issue. This particular IPS panel is cheaper to produce than OLED. The Poco F1 has a significant and rather off-putting glow around the perimeter of the display when viewing dark content, and a shadowing effect when viewing light content.

Obviously, Pocophone F1 is a smartphone with high performances comparing with other flagship brands. The difference between these two categories is the price. F1 offers a reasonable price tag of 275 pounds, 350 Euros or $350 while other companies fail to offer such a justified price. In online stores like eBay and Gumtree it can be found for around $50-$75. This makes the opportunity to compete F1 to capture a considerable share in the market.

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