Boston Dynamics' Robot Dog ‘Spot’ is now Capable of Driving a Rickshaw

Robotics, is not a rare topic by today. The hard works which cannot be reached by the humans are proceeded by the robotics. Some hazardous operations such that disposing of bombs, checking for gas leakages, industrial welding, underwater explorations would be dangerous, if humans are engaged with that. In order to do those tough works, the robotics are replaced instead of people.

Spot, Boston Dynamics’ robot dog is highly skilled to perform in such hazardous situations. Former co-host of the “MythBusters” Adam Savage was able to developed the Spot with the ability to carry a heavy load. In simple, Spot is now cable of pulling a rickshaw even for reaching higher positions. However, Savage had to spend about five days to build the carriage for rickshaw which is based on a wheelchair chassis.


The real challenge was designing a friendly interface between rickshaw and the robot. In this task, Savage gained the assistance by Seth Davis and Spot was equipped with universal cargo rails for attaching things directly to its back. They were able to mount a tow hitch on the robot’s back could be connected to the rickshaw.

Savage expressed that he wanted to give the robot a task that was “fun and evocative and strange … and hilarious.” So, he tended to do such a experimental thing using the Spot.

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