Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser will be available through Windows Update in January


Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge will be released on January 15, 2020, through latest Windows 10 Update. The Chromium-based Edge is available only for Windows 10 1709 version or newer.  This has been announced by Microsoft a month ago. The new Edge will occupy a rapid progress and stability among the Windows users.

 According to the Microsoft, “The next version of Microsoft Edge features more frequent and more flexible updating capabilities. Because browser releases aren’t bound to the Windows major releases, changes will be made to the operating system to ensure that the next version of Microsoft Edge fits seamlessly into Windows. As a result, feature updates will be released on a 6-week cycle (approximately.) Security and compatibility updates will be shipped as needed.”

 Microsoft’s InPrivate browsing mode will secure the privacy of online searches as delete any information about your browsing session on your local machine when you close the window. In addition to that Microsoft  adds  tracking prevention option by default.The Co-operate vice president of Microsoft’s Modern Life, Search and Devices Group, Yusuf Mehedi says ”One of the things that’s hard on the web is how to balance the desire for privacy and the protection of your data and yet you still want the web to be personalized. 

 Microsoft further announces that most protocols which Microsoft Edge handles by default will be transferred to next version of Microsoft Edge.And also  it will be going to include a Blocker Toolkit which allows firms to block the automatic deployment of the new Edge under any reason.Now  developers can submit their wares for the Edge Addons store. Moreover, without any change existing extensions for Chromium will work straight off the bat in new edge browser.

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