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Facebook has hired contractors to listen your voice messages

According to a report published by Bloomberg ,the most famous social media platform ‘Facebook’ hired third party contractors to transcribe voice chats from its services,specially from Messenger.These voice clips includes lot of sensitive data ,however some employees of a facebook hired company’ TaskUs’ Inc mention that facebook never aware them why these voice data are analyze and where they comes from.Although Facebook has admitted that they only hired these companies to extract user voice data to train their AI algorithms to provide better experience to the users.

Although Facebook continuous its practice of listening to conversations ,but they did not mention directly that they access users voice data. In their data use policy includes they can access user data,but it doesn’t highlight which type of data.Not only the Facebook, recent research expose that Apple’s ‘Siri’ also listening to the users conversation(even sex chat) to improve its capabilities.Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are also did the same stuff.However Apple and Google stopped the practice, while Amazon has provided users with the option to opt-out of the process.

But one point is clear that most of the companies use holes or uncleanly defined policy,terms and conditions to extract user data whether to train AI or anything else.

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