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Facebook is building an operating system from scratch

Facebook is working on its own OS

The social media giant ‘Facebook’ is looking to expand further into the hardware world as it’s already done with its Portal smart display and its series of Oculus VR headsets. Although operating System of these products based Android, owned by the ‘Google’. According to ‘The Information‘, Facebook is working to build an Operating System from scratch that support and highly compatible with their hardware devices.

This approach prevents disagreements between ‘Google’ and ‘Facebook’ from derailing the roadmaps of its gadgets.In addition to that Facebook could have more freedom to improve social interaction and the privacy deeper in its devices.

“We really want to make sure the next generation has space for us,” Facebook’s head of hardware, Andrew Bosworth, told The Information. “We don’t think we can trust the marketplace or competitors to ensure that’s the case. And so we’re gonna do it ourselves.”

Earlier this year Bloomberg and the Financial Times report that Facebook is working on its own custom chip hardware.

It seems to be that ‘Facebook’ tries to follow the same foot prints of ‘Apple’ by taking total control over the ecosystem, everything from the design of the hardware itself to the processors powering that hardware, and further on to the operating system that runs it all.



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