[email protected] Network Now More Powerful Than World's Top 7 Supercomputers, Combined

[email protected] network, the long-standing distributed computing project (recently added COVID-19-related research tasks to its list of projects) is now capable of providing 470 PetaFLOPS of raw compute power.With this [email protected] is more than twice as powerful as Summit’s 149 PetaFLOPS of sustained output, the world’s fastest supercomputer and making the network faster than the world’s top seven supercomputers, combined.Summits, the fastest supercomputer is powered with 220,800 CPU cores, 188,416,000 CUDA cores, 9.2PB of memory, and 250PB of mixed NVRAM/storage for the task. Two weeks ago that Summit had also joined the COVID-19 fight and has already found 77 different small-molecule drug compounds that might be useful to fight against the virus.

The project [email protected] has now been using almost two decades for helps reaserchers to in combating the illnesses that are related to proteins and protein (mis)folding, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Huntington’s disease. After the COVID-19 outbreak, [email protected] allows individuals to contribute computing time to Stanford’s research efforts which includes more than 23 COVID-19 projects.


According to the [email protected] reports, more than 400,000 new volunteers including Bitcoin miners have joined the fight over the last two weeks.It’s entirely possible that some old-school Pentium somewhere will calculate the bits that serve as the final piece to solving this deadly puzzle. This is a great opportunity to people who stayed at home to donate their spare CPU or GPU horsepower to defeat the virus.

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