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According to the SearchEngine Land report, Google search will assist for you to find your searching facts by highlighting relevant sections on the result. The new feature is performed with featured Snippets, the standalone boxes appear on search results which provide the users with relevant answers without having to visit whole website.

As before, you will guide to the relevant webpage content with clicking the snippet. Although now the searching facts will be highlighted in yellow color, while browser is scrolling down to the part in query automatically.

Danny Sullivan, the famous American technologist and journalist, also an adviser of Google says that corporate has been engaging with the new invention for some period. Google launched it for AMP pages in 2018 and in last 12 months performance was tested on HTML pages. Even so, as of final week now Google is regularly utilizing the function on HTML pages. The launch was confirmed through a tweet from Google’s official Search account.

SearchEngine Land also reports that most featured snippets and browsers carry the feature lively. However, according to The Verge, they experience that performance of the feature is not available always. Further they have tried it in Chrome on desktop while in Safari with a mobile. Those two cases were fine. But, yellow texts were visible when clicking on the same snippets in Edge and Safari with a desktop. The functionality may be limited with what individual browsers support according to a Google Support Page.

In most cases, this looks like a typical method to attract customers to the relevant content what they are searching for in extra rapid way, although the yellow highlighting might clash with the site’s design. However, through this there will be an impact on advert market as guests for the website may be automatically scrolled down previous its advertisements which related to the content. The publication notes that websites might have to vary the situation of their advertisements in mild of Google’s newest function.

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