Google Lighthouse Pagespeed Extension is now available for Firefox

A popular web page performance testing chrome extension, ‘Lighthouse’ is now available for Mozilla Firefox browser. Over 400,000 users around the world already use this extension in chrome to measure  their website or web application loading time,performance,accessibility,user experience and other issues. Most of them are web developers. If you are a Firefox user now you can perform page speed tests in your preferred browser.



‘Lighthouse’ is an open-source tool for testing web pages performance through Google’s Page Speed Insights API which was released for chrome in 2016.This API includes real-time data from Google’s Chrome User Report and lab data from Lighthouse. The report generates by this extension include information on how fast the page loads, what issues are affecting its performance and will offer suggestions on how to increase page’s performance, accessibility, and SEO.

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It seems like introducing ‘Lighthouse’ to the Firefox took many years.But  as Lighthouse uses Chrome devtools protocol, Google needs to convert all the calls into the Firefox devtools protocol.This has taken some time and now it has become successful.

If you own or maintain a website and have not used Lighthouse before, now you can test its performance using Chrome or Firefox

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