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HackerRank developer skills report: Most developers know JavaScript and want to know Go


HackerRank, which is popular for its competitive programming challenges  has  released the 2019 edition of its annual Developer Skill Report. According to the report JavaScript retained its status as the most widely-known programming language. Java, C and Python also ranked highly. This survey report released on February 4 and it based on an online survey of 116,648 software developers from 162 countries.


This survey has been collected information under several categories such as well-known programming language, language that developers most want to learn, frameworks that most developers want to learn and technologies worth adopting in 2020.Go is the programming language developers most wanted to learn for the third consecutive year – followed by Python ,Kotlin and TypeScript.


 Backbone.js is the framework associated with highest pay followed by Cocoa and Ruby on Rail. Although react became the framework that developers most wanted to learn, followed by Angular and Vue.


 In terms of technologies worth adopting in 2020 in real world applications, 53 percent of developers believe Internet of Things (IoT) is most likely to be adopted over next two years. 50 percent for deep learning,41 percent for Cloud ML and 38 percent for computer vision respectively.

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