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Intel CPU naming Scheme

We are going to carry out some details regarding the naming convention of CPUs which are developed by Intel corporation through this article.

Generally, intel CPUs are used for Personal computers as well as Server workstations. Through this naming scheme it is made an awareness about some important features such as type of the computer, generation which it is belonged, performance so on. Here Intel CPUs are categorized under 8 major brands. Core, Xeon, Xeon Phi, Atom, Pentium, Celeron are some of them.
Core CPUs are specially used for Personal Computers. In here, the number which denoted with letter i represents the performance of CPU. i3, i5, i7, i9 are ordered according to the performance with respect to considering generation.

Core i3 CPUs are used for Desktop Computers usually consist of 4 cores. But in here, turbo boost technology which enhances the total clock speed of a core and hyper threading technology which can develop extra virtual cores are not used. In i5 CPUs it can be seen that 6 cores. Though in i5 CPUs there is an ability to increase clock speed of a core by turbo boost technology, hyper threading technology had not been used here also. However, core i7 processor is consisted of both hyper-threading and turbo boost technologies with 12 maximum cores.But in Intel Mobile CPUs, there is something different as hyper-threading technology is used most of the computers.

The first digit of the code with 4 digits after brand modifier indicates the which generation the processor belonged. So that, i7-8650 belongs to 8th generation and i5 5740 belongs to 5th generation. The other 3 digits reveal an idea about performance of the CPU. Performance takes a higher position with respect to the higher value represented by the code in that particular generation.

The letters denote the special features regarding the CPU usage.

K- This symbolizes the unlock CPUs. If your motherboard is Overclocking supported, these processors can be overclocked.
H- This is indicated to make aware whether integrated graphics are used for CPUs.
G- Sometimes an extra graphic except integrated graphics could be connected via PCI bus to the
Silicon part and integrated. This condition is denoted by this letter.
U- This is used for Laptop Computers and also symbolizes the low power consumption.
Y- Mobile computers with less power consumption are indicated here.

The naming schemes used for Xeon processors in Server and Workstations, as well as for Atom in laptops and notebooks could be seen as same. However, it is more important to look towards the generation of CPU when comparing its performance using naming this scheme.






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