Microsoft could split up Windows updates rather than a single big update


According to the ‘Walkingcat’ the well-known Microsoft tipster, it seems like Microsoft might be planning how new features and updates are delivered to Windows in an attempt to faster the update process. This will deliver features and updates as separate downloads from the Microsoft Store. As a result users will get light weight slices of updates individually rather than a single major update.

Microsoft will deliver these updates, with a new application in the Microsoft store called “Windows Feature Experience Pack.” In the ‘About’ section of this app, the version number is different to the OS Build number. However, app itself seems to be an unusable placeholder at the movement.

Unfortunately, latest major versions of Windows 10, present new problems instead of fixing and introduce new features. Although this new approach will allow Microsoft to simplified basic version of Windows 10, which can be easily downloaded and installed, with additional features available through separate downloads.

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