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Microsoft launched the preview version of its antivirus software for Android users last day. Microsoft, the giant in software world expressed that, beginning of this year Windows Defender was supportive for both iOS and Android.

The product has named, ‘Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)’ by renaming ‘Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)’. The story behind is it took more than one year for the arrival of Android Preview app after Microsoft started a public preview for its Defender antivirus on macOS. The Mac Clients are also provided both quick and full scanning options mixing with full virus and threat protection.

This new Android App, ATP will perform as a classic application by scanning for malware and malicious apps, detecting phishing sites and blocking the user from accessing to sites which based on a predefined block-list while user is browsing the web. When detecting phishing it goes a step further than Google’s built-in malware protection to offer signature-based malware detection.

Kanishka Srivastava, a senior Program Manager at Microsoft expressed, “Scans are instantly performed detect malware and potentially unwanted applications (PUA).  If a safe app is downloaded, the end user will see a lightweight notification letting them know the app is clean”.  Microsoft’s Defender Smart Screen Technology will also block unsecured networks which are easily opened to user created by malicious apps.

Microsoft is also developing an iOS antivirus application, although it is clear that the company’s functionality on Apple’s operating system will be more restricted. By default, Apple sandboxes iOS apps  prevent most end users from focusing on apps that don’t have the App Store installed. To be precise, it is not clear what the iOS version of Microsoft Defender will provide.

“In the coming months we will be releasing additional capabilities on Android and you will hear more from us about our investments in mobile threat defense for iOS devices as well” said by Rob Lefferts, corporate vice president of Microsoft 365 security.

Microsoft is going to make Defender ATP available on Linux today, allowing the company to provide a unified antivirus solution on desktop and server platforms such as Windows, macOS and Linux.

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