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Russian internet prepares to isolate from global internet

Russia is testing its own internal internet system


Russia is involving with the testing of its own internet called RuNet. This alternative version is going to be put up with concerning on Russia’s cyber security. However, the progress of this process is not clearly defined yet. President Putin has signed a law beginning of this year to maintain the RuNet as internal internet of Russia.

“Both authorities and telecom operators are ready to effectively respond to possible risks and threats and ensure the functioning of the Internet and the unified telecommunication network in Russia,” said by Communication Minister Alexei Sokolov. 

The Sovereignty laws of Internet of Russian Government made the reasons to disconnect from internet. President Putin has expressed” is aimed only at preventing adverse consequences of global disconnection from the global network, which is largely controlled from abroad. This is the point; this is what sovereignty is to have our resources that can be turned on so that we would not be cut from the Internet.”

The people will only get privilege to visit the web contents which the government approves. The social media accessing is also the same. RuNet is just like a Local Area Network while Ministry of Communication acts as the central connection point.

Western powers which arose against Russia became the objective to build the internal network, RuNet. Although, this is a great innovation RuNet intends to several vulnerabilities. As a major issue it violates the users’ freedom to visit global contents. Justin Sherman of BBC says “the Russian government has run into technical challenges in the past when trying to increase online control, such as its largely unsuccessful efforts to block Russians from accessing encrypted messaging app Telegram.”



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