the service skype you get some of the required improvements

Skype's new chatting features

Skype is a popular video calling app and a older messaging app with over 300 million monthly active users.Its a older app,but unable to identified and adopted the modern consumer needs.As a result Facebook’s messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ dominated the market and going forward with 1.5 million monthly users.However,now its seems to be Skype company identify the real problem as they introduced improvements to Skype’s chatting features aimed at further differentiating it from rival apps.

Until now, instead of drafting most Skype users simply typed  their messages in notepad or other text editor and save for later purposes.Although lot of modern messaging apps provide this draft feature natively, because its highly bonded with modern business and personal communication.So with Skype’s new feature set includes this Draft feature and now you can save your messages “draft” tag attached for future proposes.


Now you can bookmark your favorite or most important messages by long-press a message (on mobile) or right-click (on PC), then tap or click “Add Bookmark” .This will add the message to your Bookmarks screen for easy retrieval.

And also now you can preview selected medias before sending.Those medias are previewed in the message box, therefore you can confirm that you have been select the right stuffs. Also can remove ones added by mistake or add new ones right from the panel. Furthermore you want to write an explanation or description for what you’re sending, you can add a message that will be sent along with the files.

Before these upgrades ,when you send bunch of photos,videos through Skype ,all these photos,videos make mesh in receiver’s side due to the poor organization techniques.But now,all the medias group and expand/collapse as modern day social media platforms to provide pleasant experience to the user.

In addition to the messaging improvements, Skype now support for all versions of Windows, Mac and Linux. 




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