Twitter has gone for a new feature introduction that lets its users to decide who can reply to their tweets. This was announced on Last Wednesday and the few accounts are already utilizing by the new option.

This new implementation is represented as a new gloving icon in the corner and by tapping on it, “Who Can Reply?” window is displayed. From there, user is guided with ‘Everyone, People You Follow and Only People You Mention’ options to choose one out of them. If you mention nobody, in case they wouldn’t be able to reply in any respect. Unlike the other social media platforms, twitter puts steps to control the way of some individuals who behave in vital methods by deciding who is able to reply. However, this won’t be a universal feature and there’s no guarantee for that. Twitter says the roll out is designed to “give people more opportunities to weigh in while still giving people control over the conversations they start.”

NBC’s Twitter account for Meet the Press has shown an example of the way. Meet the Press announced an interview with Andrea Mitchell of NBC News by only tagging her as sole individual who can answer the tweet. What adopted virtually felt like a protracted tweetstorm, cut up between two accounts.

The emergent conversations wouldn’t appear easily as in the replies by limiting users’ ability of interactions with live Twitter interviews. There is a way of starting conversations even replies are limited as quoting tweet messages. Limitation brings the feeling of a bounded conversation than it happened in sometimes were before.

Limit relays

As a positive aspect, the new option makes interviews much easier to follow. The interview between Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Kara Swisher of Recode provides an instance for it.

Limitation of replies is also a smart solution for avoiding the unfold spoilers for upcoming motion pictures, TV show, Movies and Video Games. Naughty Dog posted some screenshots of its upcoming PS4 title The Last of US Part II by tagging no one to reply on that. The Last of US Part II, having a deep story is going to launch in 19th June. Until, its release Naughty Dog is trying to stop sharing of spoilers by disabling replies.

Even so, there is a negative effect of limiting the replies. The politicians or the higher officials would post misinformation by turning off the replies may guide the public to grab them without clearing. ACLU is arguing about this new feature as Public Officials also get a chance to block the replies. In such a case though users are not allowed to reply directly, users can still use a quote tweet to comment. However, it is not much a better solution.

As the same way, this may be negatively impacted in many situations. You better think of a fast food maker who get a chance of restricting the replies. So, how it would be resulted negatively?

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