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Windows 10 version 1909 Update causes File Explorer issues


Two weeks ago, Microsoft released its second and last major Windows 10 update of 2019 with code name ’19H2′(also called Windows 10 version 1909) to all Windows 10 users.This is just a service pack and smallest Windows 10 Update yet.

One of the most important changes, the Windows 10 version 1909 brought was to improve how you search File Explorer, giving you suggested files, and searching your online OneDrive account, when you use the search box to look for something.

Although many users complaining that the new update is breaking File Explorer and Explorer search box become unresponsive.According to posts on Microsoft’s community forum, users have to wait for an abnormally large amount of time before the search box unfreeze and the cursor appears.

This is not the first time that Windows 10 update has included some annoying issues, and new releases appears to break more things than fix.If this continues, Microsoft’s reputation could be severely damaged. While the File Explorer search issue isn’t the most severe bug we’ve seen, it’s yet another example of Microsoft releasing a buggy update.

Microsoft has yet to acknowledge any such issues, but you can use Task Manager to restart File Explorer process and address the search issues.’

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